Trouble and Hope in the Land of (Almond) Milk and Honey

Matsuo Basho – a famous Japanese poet of the 17th century said in his “Record of a Travel-Worn Satchel” that “all who have achieved real excellence in any art possess one thing in common, that is, a mind to obey nature, to be one with nature, throughout the four seasons of the year”. One such […]

The ABCs of GMOs

It is interesting that when the subject of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) and GE (Genetically Engineered) food comes up in conversation – how many people really don’t know too much about it. Today’s controversy surrounding GMOs and GE food is partly around labeling or for that matter – the lack of labeling. ┬áVermont is the […]


DOGS SWIMMING: My sister’s dog Ruby who is an 8 year old Chocolate Lab will jump into any body of water with such joy, grace, and abandonment while my dog Theo (pictured above) watches from the sidelines with awe at his cousin’s ability but also with frustration and extreme hesitation because as much as he […]

The Birth of

Introducing the 2013 blog birth of and inviting you to share in it’s mission: Creating a collective environment by providing a forum to explore, educate and discuss inspiring and thought-provoking ideas about the physical, mental and spiritual health and wellness of you and your dog with an emphasis on supporting the rights and humane […]