The Birth of

Introducing the 2013 blog birth of and inviting you to share in it’s mission:

Creating a collective environment by providing a forum to explore, educate and discuss inspiring and thought-provoking ideas about the physical, mental and spiritual health and wellness of you and your dog with an emphasis on supporting the rights and humane treatment of animals, and to enrich and protect the well-being of our planet.

Is this a lofty aspiration and goal?  Maybe… as with anything new – sometimes you have to just try it out and see where it goes.  Hopefully, a post or two will take on a life of it’s own over time, and others will morph into something else…’s initial plan for upcoming posts will include diverse guest bloggers from time to time as well as reporting and following cultural movements and current news stories that are at the heart of’s mission.  It is also important to use this site as a platform to support individuals and organizations that are working so tirelessly to help make this a better world for all of us, our domesticated pets, farm animals and wildlife.  Their stories, inspiration, and progress will be featured occasionally but it is important to state here that it will not be our policy to promote these posts with pictures or images of suffering.  We all know by now what that looks like so there is no need to keep shocking our hearts and senses when the written word can tell the story.

In addition – plans to include TIPS at the end of each blog that will put a spotlight on great products discovered and/or special people doing creative work that you might need, inspire you or that you just find interesting.

So here is dogOdog’s first TIP:  Austin Scott of Austin Scott Creative

I first met Austin 4 years ago in Savannah, Georgia when he was finishing up his Masters degree in Advertising at SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design).

At that time, I was looking for someone to help me do the “back of the house” computer stuff for the birthing of dogOdog Organics, and I was very fortunate that Austin was recommended to me.  He worked with me on all the creative and technical aspects of my packaging for dogOdog Organics, and once the products and packaging were ready – he worked closely with me in developing my vision for the website and built it for me from the ground up.  We kept in touch over the years, and anytime I have new projects that need his techy help – he always avails himself to dogOdog even though he is quite busy with his Art Director position in Chicago and his own design company.

Austin reminds me of Clark Kent – mild mannered, laid back and really easy to work with but as soon as Austin takes the job in his hands – he turns into Superman!  Austin is an extremely smart, talented and creative guy.  You can find out more about Austin’s work at his website:

Thank you Austin for all your hard work, patience and dedication in helping dogOdog Organics and  go from inside my head and heart to being open for business!

In closing – invites you to enjoy, engage and to share in this journey together by subscribing on this page so that you can be notified of each new posting by email.

Peace and Love, dogOdog


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